Photon and Tachyon Energy

The Connection To Tesla's Products

What is ...

Tachyon Energy?

Tachyon energy are subatomic particles of light that travel faster than light.


What is ...

Photon Energy?

Photons are quantum packets of light carrying energy, they also move faster than light. 

The physical body is almost wholly electrical, chemical & mechanical. The medical profession seems to have forgotten this, & they work mainly on the chemical side. ” Up until now the scientific community has only recognised what their 5 senses show them. The energy field around all living things cannot be seen, smelt or felt with our 5 senses; this has caused a big conflict between science & those of us who use our extra senses.

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The energy field around all living things cannot be seen, smelt or felt with our 5 senses; this has caused a big conflict between science & those of us who use our extra senses. ” Understanding Tachyon & Photon Energy gives you an understanding of the electrical aspect of our body. “With the development of Kirlian & Aura Photography the physical world can now see the energy fields around all living things. 

This energy field is called the aura, which is really pure Photon/Tachyon Energy.

The Pyramids Were Given To Humankind After The Demise Of Atlantis To Help Bring 'Light' Back To The Planet & Teach Humankind Our Place As 'Light Beings'.

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Interestingly enough when an eastern block country took an energy photo inside the Great Pyramid it showed human DNA (32 strands) going through the centre of the Pyramid.


Tesla’s Innovational Technologies’ Products Act In The Same Way As The Pyramids Were Originally Designed To Function (Antennas Bringing Photon/Tachyon Light Energy In) But Unlike Pyramids, Tesla’s Products Do Not Have A Negative Area.

The Pyramids Are Antennas Bringing In Photon/Tachyon Energy. When They Were Built Their Purpose Was To Disperse This Light Energy Into The Planet, But Over Time With The Shifting Of The Magnetic Poles, Plus Human Interference, The Effectiveness & Strength Of The Pyramids’ Functioning Has Declined.

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This technology taps into the frequency that radiates through our galaxy from the Central Sun. 

Another aspect of these accelerated discs is their function to attract Photonic/Tachyon (lifeforce, prana, chi, ether…) energy, similar to Sacred Geometry, such as the pyramid.  Tachyon energy is available freely in the unified field of life that surrounds and penetrates everything in the universe of universes. It is accessible at any place, time, space or dimension. This is the key to zero-point technology.

All of the plates are composed of Titanium, a pure earth element that has the structure of a Hexagon, (atomic number 22). In one sense, these discs are free energy devices, receiving and transmitting 5th dimensional divine energy for 3rd dimensional balance.

The circumference and thickness of each plate determines the level of energy they attract and emanate. The atomic structure of the titanium discs has been altered to act as a tranciever of tachyon energies.

How Teslas plates are made.

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Titanium — After Cutting, Doming & Colouring (Done By Humans), Is Placed In A Device That Alters The Atom Structure (Signature) Of The Metal.

This Process Takes Anything From 24 Hrs To 7 Days Depending On The Designed Purpose Of That Particular Product.


Titanium Was Chosen To Be The Carrier Metal, Because It’s A Pure Element. On The ‘Elements Periodic Chart’ Titanium’s Atomic Number Is 22, Its Crystalline Structure Is Hexagonal, It’s Non-Allergenic & Titanium’s Molecular Structure Is Similar To That Of Human Bone.The Titanium Used By Tesla’s Is Grade 1. The Only Additive To It Is Oxygen.

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What about teslas Purple plates?

Nikola Tesla developed a Technology that he gave to a scientist named Ralf Bergstressor about 6 months before he died. (1943)

Ralf finally developed  the technology that Tesla gave him in  1970. they were tuned to the human resonance of  7.2-7.5Hz.

In the mid 90’s the Schuman Resonance started to vary.  The planet’s vibration in May 2005: 16Hz. 

To function at its true potential the metal used must be a pure element not a man made mixture (stainless steel etc) or plastic etc.

Titanium was chosen to be the carrier metal, because it’s a pure element.he Technology was then upgrade and our Teslas plates now auto adjust to human resonance.  

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