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Tesla’s - A
A Gift for Mankind

Tesla's Warning

By late 1886 Tesla realised the AC electricity he invented would prove to be one of the most dangerous things on Earth to the health of all living things.
This was because he realised the effect it would have on human cells due to its chaotic nature.
He also realised that the effects of AC electricity combined with earth energies would prove to create a lot of illness.
In 1912 Tesla produced what he called ‘free energy’ at his Boulder Colorado laboratory. He demonstrated this to the media by lighting 200 light bulbs 51km (3lmiles) away by just screwing the light bulbs into the ground.
This electricity would not only be free but safe as it was harmonious with our bodies.
One of the 3 bankers (J P Morgan), set about destroying Tesla & his name.

The Solution

Several months before his death, Tesla handed Ralph Bergstressor, a young physicist in the Air force, his paperwork on how to counteract the biological effects of his inventions.

Nikola Tesla died in 1943 in unusual circumstances. Although most books will tell you he died in his sleep, friends & family claim he was run over by a black limo as he crossed the road to feed his pigeons, then placed back in his hotel room.
This happened 2 days before he was to meet with the President of the United States to explain the damage that his inventions would cause, including the Philadelphia experiment.
ralph bergstresser tesla purple plates

Ralf Bergsstressor

By the 1970’s Ralf developed the first generation of plates to counteract the effects of EMR ( Electromagnetic Radiation) and EMF (Electromagnetic
These were the purple plates made from aluminium.

Tesla Purple Plates

Unfortunately Tesla Purple plates made from Aluminium are unable to raise vibrations past 7.9Hz The planet’s vibration in May 2005 was 16Hz. & in March 2007 18.8Hz

The Innovation

In The nineties two physicists took Teslas original work given to Ralph and developed it further so that the metal used to be transformed would accommodate for the changing vibration of the planet.
Titanium was chosen to be the carrier metal, because it’s a pure element. 

Tesla Today - The Ultimate Tranciever

The atomic structure of the Titanium is altered so that it can act as a transceiver in the same manner as the Pyramids.

The Pyramids were given to humankind after the demise of Atlantis to help bring ‘light’ back to the planet and teach humankind our place as ‘Light Beings’

Interestingly enough when an eastern block country took an energy photo inside the Great Pyramid it showed human DNA (32 strands) going through the centre of the Pyramid. 

Tesla’s Innovational Technologies’ products act in the same way as the Pyramids were originally designed to function (antennas bringing Photon light energy in) but unlike Pyramids, Tesla’s products do not have a negative area.

Geopathic stress has been found to be one of the most common factors in serious and long-term illnesses and some psychological conditions.

The Dulwich Health Society found after studying 25,000 people who lived or worked in a Geopathic Stressed area, these interesting statistics:
100% of people who get secondary cancer.
95% of people who get cancer.
95% of children with hyperactivity etc.
95% of people who develop AIDS.
80% of parents/caregivers who abuse children.
80% of people who get divorced.
80% of couples unable to have babies.
80% of women who have a miscarriage.
80% of babies who died of Cot Death.
70% of M.E. (Post Viral Fatigue) sufferers.
70% of people who are allergic to food or drink
This is a term derived from GEO the earth and PATHOGENIC to create illness. Many people are not familiar with this term or its relation to their everyday
For example, high-voltage power lines were constructed near Wangaratta, Victoria over an area which contained underground water. After the construction was finished, there was a dramatic increase of 25% in leukemia and other cancers.
William Buehler found that humans and animals are sensitive to the earth’s
magnetic field and are also affected when in proximity to these energetic grids. Any structures that this energy passes through will be affected too, such as underground streams and minerals and so forth. If we stand in one of these areas of high energy, we will be affected both physically and psychically, in particular where two or more lines cross and the energies seem to be
It seems that events in the area can also be picked up and retained within this energy current, for instance in battle sites, many seem to be able to pick up on really strong emotional energies almost like they are stored there. Some even say that certain areas on these energy grids can actually make us ill and they call this an area of geopathic stress.

Australia has one of the highest occurrences of under-ground water veins on earth.

the history of ley lines 

Even though the term ‘Ley-line was originally conceived by Alfred ‘Watkins to describe these straight lines, by 1929, he had discarded the use of the name ‘ley’ and referred to his alignments only as ‘old straight tracks’ or ‘archaic tracks’

alfred watkins
Most cultures have traditions and words to describe the straight, often geometric alignments that ran across ancient landscapes, connecting both natural and sacred prehistoric structures together. Usually the names given to represent these invisible lines are translated to an equivalent of ‘spirit’, ‘dream’, or ‘energy’ paths. However, apart from the physical presence of the sites themselves, proving the presence of a ‘connection’ between them is something that researchers have found notoriously elusive.
The same observation was made in other parts of Europe by the Romans themselves, who in their conquest of the Etruscans, noted standing stones set in linear patterns over the entire
countryside of Tuscany. The Romans built their roads on top of these old straight roads in the
belief it would charge their soldiers as they marched along them for battle. That is where the term “All Roads Lead To Rome” come from.
planet grid map

The Super Human Computer

Many people have trouble understanding why we are effected so much by Geopathic Stress. Our bodies are an amazing thing, made up of over 100 trillion cells. Each cell is capable of holding 6 gigahertz of information.

A gigahertz is a frequency measurement of One Billion (1,000,000,000) hertz .

When you do the maths of multiplying 100 trillion cells by 6 gigahertz capacity cells you end up with a number that is greater than all the computers on the planet.

To help put this into some form of comprehension you can fit 10,000 cells on the end of a pin.

These cells are very sensitive to energy.

Dr. Bruce Lipton found that our genetic make up can be influenced by external mechanisms, which he calls Epigenetic’s. His research is defiantly worth studying as it explains a lot of things about life.