Awaken Your Inner Abilities

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Humans are mysterious creatures. We may think that we have seen it all, but in reality, there are yet so many we haven’t discovered and hundreds of questions about ourselves that still have no answers up to now. When it comes to the mystery and the divine creation of humans, other theories and practices might bring significance to our existence.

Human Mind And Psyche

Aside from the intellectual abilities of humans – to think, absorb, and react to their environment, other aspects of the human mind include emotional and social quotient.

A psychoanalytic theory by Sigmund Freud stated that there are three levels of personalities, namely the conscious, the subconscious, and the unconscious mind. Speculation that these personalities significantly impact human behaviours and how they perceive and achieve the pursuit of human life.

The conscious mind refers to everything that makes sense and rational thinking. The subconscious mind is where our beliefs, skills, and memories are stored. In comparison, the unconscious mind is where we keep our emotions, urges, and thoughts.

The Significance of Intuition

Have you ever been in a situation where you know that something terrible will happen, and then a few minutes later, something terrible did happen? And it happens now and then? It might be that you are highly intuitive. Intuition is a human ability and an acquired knowledge without the option for conscious reasoning. It is an awareness purely based on primal instincts. 

How Strong Is Your Intuition?

Our intuitions help us deal with many aspects of our lives. This instinctual perception may have even saved us from many awkward situations, bad decisions and even saved lives. But how do we awaken and strengthen our inner abilities?

Here are a few essential practices to further your inner abilities:

1. Trust your gut. In situations where we feel helpless and perplexed, always listen to what your guts tell you. Scientifically speaking, our digestive tract has neurotransmitters connected to the enteric nervous system, which is called our second brain.

2. Listen to your surroundings. Self-awareness could capture many valuable insights. It would be best if you always noticed when you have a sudden urge to do things, or when we get “lightbulb” moments – this could enhance our chances of witnessing epiphanies.

3. Recognise energy flow. Sometimes we feel emotionally exhausted when socialising with other people. That is because every person has a unique aura and set of energies that might either bring positivity or negativity to your mood. Learn to avoid people who make you feel uncomfortable and drained.

4. Meditate.  Meditation can open minds and develop Chakra. Chakra is a whirl of energy centers spread throughout our body. It is said to have a connection with the nerves and major organs. Keeping your Chakra in balance could positively change your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing drastically. A well-maintained Chakra may result in multitudinous life achievements and manifestations of dreams.

Meditation through Mantra Vowels

Mantra vowels are short words that create vibrations to the entire human physique when articulated and send neuro linguistic effects. In other words, it brings melody and keeps our bodies in tune with the universe. The most common mantra vowel is the “OM.” It is said to bring us good health, prosperity, success, and inner peace.

Meditation with Tesla Spiritual Plates

Upon the conception of electricity, Nikola Teslas also happened to identify its adverse effects. With rigorous studies, Tesla soon discovered the use of quantum energy called tachyon that might be utilised to reverse the effects of electrical charges and radiation frequencies.

Nowadays, stress has become a common experience for some of us. Along with the responsibilities handed over to us at work, at home, and the pressure we feel from our family and friends, it has resulted in emotional blockage. In addition, the exposure to unwanted frequencies made from artificial or manufactured technologies has really dulled our spiritual senses and intuitions.

The good news is that Tesla spiritual plates, along with other materials such as special metal plates, are packed with tachyon energies that can produce powerful fields that may enhance your calm state during meditation practices. It is also known for blocking unwanted forces that are known to spread negative vibrations, which may lead to triggering health and emotional issues.Awaken your inner abilities today with Tesla plates and Chakra balancer. A natural remedy to heighten your sense of being, boost premonition and intuition, and start manifesting your dreams. Visit our website to grab our powerful products at Teslas Plates Australia.