Learn How to Harmonise Your Blocked Chakras with the use of Spiritual Plates

The world is evolving, and many changes have come and gone. In these trying times, another way to survive the day is to be good to ourselves. Self-care is a common phrase that we often associate with physical health and physiological awareness. With this, we try to be careful with our food intake – whether we decide to go vegan or go easy on meat and gluten products. We also became watchful with what we wear and apply to our bodies, from the kind of facial products we use down to the type of clothes we wear, etc. But if you feel like your daily routine doesn’t give you the right amount of TLC, then there must be something else that you needed to do. Most of the time, we forget the value of taking care of our spiritual and emotional health. Do you want to know why it may be difficult to find inner peace? Teslas Plates Australia is here to share about harmonising your Chakras with Teslas Spiritual Plates – Chakra Balancer.

Learning More About Chakras

Chakra is believed to have been around since the early traditions of Hinduism. It is a variety of ancient practices that focus on meditation, commonly termed as Tantra. Chakras are described as concentrated energy in the form of wheels or disks found in the multiple energy centre points of the body. The goal of Tantra is to open and align the Chakras accordingly to achieve synchroneity and harmonic flow of the physical and emotional health, for it is believed that Chakras have a strong connection to the major organs and bundle of nerves in our body.

The concept of Chakra may seem complex but others, but the main focus to remember is the phrase “you get what you give.” Since chakras are in the form of energies, people should learn how to master emitting optimism in order to get back positive results.

How to Harmonise Your Blocked Chakras

Train your Thoughts and Mind

The amazing thing about training your mind is that it is free, limitless, and unbounded. We can choose to think a plethora of ideas, goals, and dreams, and in this case, take this opportunity to practice thinking about good ideas and trying to find ways or solutions to make them happen – turn your dreams into a reality. Visualise what you want in order for the universe to give it to you. You can write it, draw it, or make a power point presentation to influence yourself positively.

Apply Symmetry in All Aspects of Life

Some say “too much of everything is bad,” and it is indeed true. Life is all about balance, a weighing scale between good or bad, happy or sad, whole or empty. And if one side is heavier than the other, it would amount to chaos or even self-destruction. In this practice, we should learn to give proportion to everything that we do. Devote equal time to our family, loved ones, friends, “me” time, etc. You can also read another article that talks about the essence of inner peace and balance to gain some tips about practicing symmetry as a habit.

Practice Tantra

Give yourself some time to heal by taking a break from everything and just sitting still, being in your most comfortable position, in your safest space, and just meditating. Meditation allows your mind to breathe, your thoughts to unwind, and it lets you focus on what is essential right that very second – your breath, your energy, and your life. And everything in your Chakra will follow in a flow of a steady and calm stream, relaxing your body in the process.

Ruminate with Chakra Balancers

If you are keen on adding meditation to your daily routine, why not use Chakra Balancers during the practice. These Chakra balancers are best in assisting you to manifest good energy flow, as well as aligning blocked chakras and mend negativities. Spiritual Plates and practitioner plates may also aid in cleansing and healing minor infections.