Improve and Strengthen Your Intuition with the Awakener Plate

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We live in a world where we have adapted to a fast-paced lifestyle – a harsh reality where only the strong-willed and the quick-witted can have the chance to achieve promising goals- the “survival of the fittest,” as they say. But living in that kind of toxic culture can be exhausting. Activities where the emotional strength is drained every day, may cause damage to our mental state. The Awakener plate might be the solution to your struggles.

What is an awakener plate? And how does it help us to live a positive life? Let us walk you through the basics and introduce you to the world of Chakra and its essence in dealing with the daily strife of life.


The universe is composed of a plethora of energies. From the sun and the moon in the skies, down to the roots and soil on the ground, and everything in between. It is also filled with frequencies emitted from the said energies. Chakra is a subtle energy that floats within living creatures. It has seven main points that are believed to have a connection to vital organs in the body. Each ball of force is designed to impact one another. Whether the energy is high or low, the ones in its surroundings – if that energy possesses much strength, can affect or influence others to that kind of high energy level.

For example, suppose a person with low self-esteem is partnered with a self-assured person and has the gift of encouraging people. In that case, the former can have the opportunity to gain confidence through the help of the latter slowly. But we should also remember that the giver can also receive low energy, as Chakra is also all about reciprocation, which is why it is essential to balance our Chakra in order for us to be guarded at all times.


Have you ever felt like something is unsettling but can’t pinpoint what exactly it is? Or when your body doesn’t seem to cooperate with your mind? Or have you been on constant body aches or minor health issues that wouldn’t get better? Well, that may be a sign that indicates some, or if not, most, of your Chakra points have been damaged or blocked.

The seven Chakra points are interlinked to organs in the human body. They are the Root, the Sacral, the Solar Plexus, and so on, and the Crown point – which is located at the base top of the head. The Chakra points are also related to emotions and spirituality.

The first Chakra is situated at the tailbone or the lowest part of the spinal cord, and it affects the legs, the hips, the tailbone, the feet, and the immune system. Health issues such as arthritis, rheumatoid, sciatica, and prostate imbalance indicate a blocked Root Chakra.

When blocked, the seventh Chakra, or also known as the Crown, can send imbalance to our physical health, such as sensitivity to light and sounds -affecting our eyes and ears, and difficulty in learning new things, or the inability to accept changes. The most significant sign when a Crown chakra is damaged is when one experiences depression.


What does intuition have to do with achieving goals in life? And why are spiritual plates a game-changer? As we discussed in our other article entitled “Awaken Your Inner Abilities,” your intuition can play a vital role in your decision-making abilities. It helps open up senses that are beyond the ordinary. It may enable us to acquire knowledge based on primal instincts and go with the gut feeling, which is often correct. Our intuition helps us to be in tune with nature and align our energies with the universe, making it easier to manifest our dreams into reality.

Spiritual plates and The Awakener Plate offer energy forces that minimise contamination of negative energies and could also repel harmful electromagnetic fields around us, such as Bluetooth devices and Bluelight from our handheld gadgets’ screens. Imagine being stressed at work or being surrounded by workmates that carry low-grade energy. You may have the ability to endure it today, but what about the next coming days, weeks, months, and years? Will you be able to guard your soul that long on your own?


Self-care. To care for yourself is to care for your future. Eat your greens, mix them with a bit of protein and the right amount of carbs. Feed your thoughts with positive vibes and listen to deep sound healing. You can also try light exercises such as breathing and stretching. The best way to strengthen intuition is through meditation.

Meditation allows us to focus on our inner voice – the voice of truth, which is the real us. Practicing meditation can increase self-awareness too. Teslas spiritual plates are perfect for meditation. It helps harness raw energy from positive vibrations around us.


The Awakener Plate is in an oval shape that can be worn as a pendant on a necklace or stored anywhere near you. The closer the plate, the more it can harness positive energies that go straight to its bearer. The new Awakener plate can only be purchased on special orders, so grab yours today at Teslas Plates Australia and start  turning your dreams into reality.