Teslas Pendant & Adverse Effects of Invisible Frequencies

We’ve made it to the 21st century, and while the idea of flying cars is not far from reality, the life
expectancy of human beings has not been as advanced as we thought. Living in modernity may have
been one of the many possible reasons for human extinction in the future. And this is possible through
the influence of invisible frequencies emitted by electronic devices. Teslas Plates Australia tackles the
adversities of EMF present in our daily lives and how teslas pendant may ease the precarious effects on
our health.

Most products that we see and use daily are made by electronic devices or run by electricity. From the
digital alarm clock on your bedside table at home – yes, it emits low-frequency radiation, and down to
the latest model of your desktop in the office. Invisible frequencies are everywhere. And with the surge
of use for technology, the numbers of chronic pains and illnesses have alarmingly increased too.

Invisible frequencies from electronic devices are termed as electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation. An issue discovered since the beginning of the invention of electricity, a potential hazard to humankind. Just like what we’ve discussed in our previous article entitled “Suffering from Chronic Pains Consider Tesla Pendants,” being affected by EMF and EMR is inevitable.

Health Risk of Electromagnetic Fields

Based on some research, there might be a weak relation between our recurring illnesses and EMF. And with frequent exposure, it may result in carcinogenic effects on humans.

  • Here is a list of possible health issues linked with EMF and EMR:
    • Insomnia
    • Migraine
    • Eye strains
    • Mood swings and irritability
    • Lack of focus
    • Poor appetite
    • Nausea
    • Exhaustion and fatigue

Teslas Plates Australia – Teslas Pendants

The Tesla Personal Pendant is distinctively invented as an accessory worn over the thymus – a primary lymphoid organ of the immune system. With an adjustable waxed cotton cord, the pendant has strengthening effects on those who wear it in terms of positively charged energies. It eases the bio-energy effects of some artificial EMF/EMR by neutralising the invisible frequency. It helps balance our Chakras and promotes positive physical health and wellness. Teslas Plates Australia is a certified maker of teslas pendant and teslas plates made from genuine materials, aesthetically crafted to perfection. Discover teslas pendants today, and start protecting you and your loved ones from low-frequency radiation and other negative energy flows.