Teslas Plates : How they work and What they’re made of?

In life, we need more positive energy in all aspects. For work, play, engage with people, try out new things, and so on. However, many factors ruin this positive mood, slowly putting us into the negative. Let’s not forget that negativity is like falling dominoes. If you’re not going to do something that would stop the fall cycle, it would only need to be no good. 

If you’re seeking something that would keep your body, mind, and soul some balance, then Tesla’s Plates could be the one you are looking for. 


  • What Are They? 

You might have heard of teslas platessomewhere. So what are they exactly? They are modified aluminum with a clear purpose to correct the negative energy that is surrounding you or filling your mind, body, and soul. There are seven Tesla colors (including black) each having its own purpose. 

It doesn’t matter if the plates are either repelling the negative energy or removing the negative energy from your system. The important thing here is that positive energy is in you and surrounding you. In these difficult times when there are so many uncertainties, you know that you deserve more positive energy than anything else at the moment. 

The name came from Nikolas Tesla, in which, according to various research sources, have used similar plates in several patents. We only know Nikolas Tesla as an electrical engineer, an inventor, mechanical engineer, and futurist in science books. Aside from his contributions that paved the way for remote control, radio, and radionics, he also made free energy known.  


  • What are Tesla’s Plates Made Of? 

Tesla’s Plates are made of aluminum that is anodized through a process called electrolytic oxidation. This process modifies the atom and electrons of the material so that the plates vibrate together with the fundamental energies of the universe: Chi, Prana, and Organ. 


  • Using The Energy

How do tesla plates work? With this unique vibration, it creates harmony within you, repelling everything that is not necessary for the growth of your well-being. Getting this much needed free energy can be done by obtaining pendants, charms, spiritual plates, and more that have this beautiful and nurturing energy that is very vital to our world today. 

Everyone of all ages deserves to experience the power of Tesla’s Plates. Various testimonies and stories can confirm that this unique form of energy has changed many lives for the better, and there’s no better day to experience it but NOW. 

If you are dealing with so much emotional weight that you don’t seem to control, it’s best that you reach out to someone you trust or open your mind and heart to the healing wonders of the Telsa’s Plates. Obtaining the power of this ‘free energy’ is safe for humans like us. Once you have embraced it, you are sure to feel it’s great benefits with your life. 

We hope that this has helped you offer a summary of what these powerful plates and do. Do not hesitate and embrace the power of this great energy very soon!