5G Small Oyster Plate - 14 Sided

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Field of Influence: ½ htr. (1¼ acre) or 12 stories (6 floors up 6 floors down). Designed for multi story buildings. Oyster plates are special as they are consist of twin plates treated at the same time in Tesla factory and fused together to work in perfect synergy. This small oyster is suitable for a unit or mult-level compact house.

The Small Oyster Plate is specifically designed to alleviate EMF stress in high rise office buildings and apartments, and EMR from mobile phone towers (microwave signal); satellites; radar and high voltage power lines - making the energy more biologically compatible.

Office workers experience less stress, are calmer and more productive.

The Small Oyster Plate also energises plant & animal life in the surrounding area of houses and farms. It is made from 2 specially developed 1mm 14sided plates.

(Size: 14cm/5.5" diameter x 1.5mm thick)

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