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14 Sided Car/Travel Plate

(Harmonizing the effects of international airline travel
and EMF from your car

The Car/Travel Plate alters the adverse biological effects of chaotic EMF’s in cars which causes fatigue & irritability, thereby helping to calm your bio-energetic system. With the Car Plate positioned in a vehicle, drivers and passengers may find they feel calmer with diminished fatigue.

The Car/Travel Plate is also very affective for international airline travel, (being stronger than the pocket "travel" plate), to alleviate stress and “jet lag” due to exposure to radiation from the sun, radar and airplane EMF’s.

(Size: 13cm/5" diameter x 1.5mm thick)

(Suitable for shorter flights only, for international flights we recommend the Car/Travel Plate and the 14 sided House Plate).

Also excellent for healing purposes, to alleviate minor pain and to energize water & food.

(65mm x 1mm thick. Size: 7cm/3" diameter)
Field of influence approx 1 metre).

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