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Tesla's Technologies - Home Water Kit

HOW IT WORKS: The Tesla's Technologies Home Water Kit works by:

  • Changing the ionisation of the molecules in your water supply from a majority of positive ions to a majority of negative ions.
  • Ensuring chlorine molecules stay as separate molecules thereby diminishing the smell and taste of the chlorine.
  • Erasing the water's memory of all added chemicals (which does not happen with conventional filters).
  • Causing the microscopic heavy metals in the water to clump together making it simpler for the liver to expel them.

The Home (or Large) Water Kit is easily installed near your water mains to service all water supplied to the home. Full instructions are included. Our Small Water Kits come in a twin pack for in-situ use when access to the main water supply is not possible.

The Water Kit treats both magnetic & electrical fields that have been picked up by the minerals in water, in addition to introduced toxic chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride. It puts life force back into the water, which is evident in the improved taste and obvious increased plant growth. The resultant soft energized water may appear crystal clear with a reduced chemical taste, and can taste & feel like rain water or a clear mountain stream.

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