Small Oval Practitioners Plate

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Small Oval Practitioners Plate

The Small Practitioner Plate is designed to be worn by the practitioner in the pocket, which helps strengthen and harmonize the practitioner's energy field. It can also be used directly for clients for healing,
and processing of ‘Past Lives’.

(Size: 6.5cm/2.5" diameter x 1mm thick)

The Practitioner Plates were developed to give practitioners extra support to handle psychic energies & entities. And, as with all of our products, the Practitioner Plate helps with easing pain, speeding the healing process and helps to balance the client.The Practitioner Plates are also excellent for placing over cuts as they reduce the flow of bleeding, stop pain very quickly, stops scaring of mild burns, helps bruising process quickly & encourages immediate commencement of healing.

The Practitioner Plate is a specific oval shape, and dates back to the early Egyptians. It can be seen in the hieroglyphics found in the Pyramids. In these drawings this particular oval shape was worn over the third eye.

Design requests are not available. Each design is a work of art and done by hand. Your design is allocated by the magic of the universe.

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