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The Tesla Personal Pendant was specifically designed to be worn over the thymus and comes with an adjustable waxed cotton cord to be worn around the neck. The pendant has the effect of strengthening the wearers energy field, thus helping to alleviate the bio-energy effects of some man-made EMF/EMR. The process is similar to an antidote, which transforms a poison to neutral and educates the body to resist the poison next time. The Pendant adapts to the wearers personal matrix, thus the wearers, energy field may become stronger and more balanced.

Child Pendants are 3.5 cm

Meaning of Designs:

Aurora: Pulls in the beautiful colours of the rainbow. Rainbows have long been linked to a promise of safety and love.

Eclipse: Eclipse's happen at different times to bring about new energy and focus opening up positive possibilities.

Multi Comets: An expression of group movement or moving many aspects of one’s life, opening up the way of multi-tasking and with the energy of the Teslas Pendant makes it easier.

Angel Wings: We would all love a set of Angel Wings to help us sore through life this pendant is designed to take you to new heights.

Starburst: Star bright - Star light how I wish tonight... Starburst is about manifestation.

Orb: The Little Orb Child Pendant looks beautiful and fits the description of the Orb known for it's mystical aspects. It assists in bringing those magical moments to life as well as having all the benefits that come with our Tesla's Pendants.

After wearing the Teslas Pendant for 12 hours it is then blended with your personal energy pattern. For this reason it should never be worn by another person.

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