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Tesla’s Warning

By late 1886 Tesla realised the AC electricity he invented would prove to be one of the most dangerous things on Earth to the health of all living things.
This was because he realised the effect it would have on human cells due to its chaotic nature.
He also realised that the effects of AC electricity combined with earth energies would prove to create a lot of illness.
In 1912 Tesla produced what he called ‘free energy’ at his Boulder Colorado laboratory. He demonstrated this to the media by lighting 200 light bulbs 51km (3lmiles) away by just screwing the light bulbs into the ground.
This electricity would not only be free but safe as it was harmonious with our bodies.
One of the 3 bankers (J P Morgan), set about destroying Tesla & his name.

The Solution

Several months before his death, Tesla handed Ralph Bergstressor, a young physicist in the Air force, his paperwork on how to counteract the biological effects of his inventions.

Nikola Tesla died in 1943 in unusual circumstances. Although most books will tell you he died in his sleep, friends & family claim he was run over by a black limo as he crossed the road to feed his pigeons, then placed back in his hotel room.

This happened 2 days before he was to meet with the President of the United States to explain the damage that his inventions would cause, including the Philadelphia experiment.

What is EMR?
EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) is a term used to describe an invisible form of man-made frequencies, transmitted through the atmosphere. Some common forms of EMR are; TV and Radio waves, Microwaves, Radar, X -rays etc.
What is EMF?
EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) is a term used to describe the invisible electric and magnetic fields radiating away from man-made alternating electrical current.  EMF radiate from all electrical appliances in the home, office or factory, in cars, trucks and buses, also overhead tram and train lines.

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