Product Testing

Energetic Affects of Tesla's Innovational Technologies

Product Testing

To confirm the efficacy of these new generation products, Tesla’s commissioned independent bio-energy testing, using;

  • Kirlian Diagnostic Photography (Russia), Aura Photography (USA) Micro Capillary Microscope (China), Acutec Ryodoraku (Australia),
  • Prognos (Germany), EEG, ECG, Infrared Thermometer.

Of over 100 people tested 100% of these people were adversely affected by all man-made EMF’S and EMR.

These bio-energy tests showed the subjects bodies returning to a more natural balance whilst still in the same fields, although the Titanium products themselves do not put the body into total balance.

The tests have shown the products appear to increase or decrease the bio-energies in appropriate areas, which may encourage the body to detoxify, thereby aiding the body’s natural healing potential.

kirlian fingers


acutec before

Tests done via the meridians shows the client with a number of high stressed meridians showing a person out of balance

acutec after

Tests shows more balance in the meridians after client held a Small Practitioner Plate for 5 minutes


Testing by taking the measurement of energy at the fingertips, the computer shows the results of energy around the fingers, this testing is used for diagnosis in many hospitals in Eastern Europe claiming 98% accuracy.

kirlian light

This test showing energy around the client’s weakened body before wearing a Pendant.


This test shows a much stronger & more vibrant energy feild after client has worn the Pendant for 8 days


Tesla’s titanium bears no working resemblance to titanium used in jewellery.

Tesla’s Technologies, are made from the very pure metal titanium, which has been cut into specific geometric shapes, colored and then it is altered using scientific devices, so that the titanium acts as a transceiver of Photonic or Tachyon energies.

Tachyon energy is a very cosmic energy that emanates from the Great Central Sun.  This Photonic/Tachyon energy creates a beautiful light filled, harmonic field, that essentially harmonizes any chaotic frequencies that happen to be within that field, including: Electromagnetic Frequencies, Electromagnetic Radiation, Geopathic Stress…, and will even harmonize nuclear radiation, if you have enough of the large Tesla plates. 

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